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School for Legal Practice: Johannesburg

LEAD: Legal Education and Development (Auckland Park) [Law Society Day School]
I enrolled in the 6 Months day course (January to June 2014), Practical Legal Training, Bar Exams contents, ethics, day to day, court process, trial advocacy, etc
2014 – 2014

The Legal Education and Development school was established by the Law Society of South Africa, with the statutory function of substituting one year of article clerkship with six months of consistent examination and training in the practical aspects of a legal career. In a sense it is a respected trade school set up for statutory purposes of insuring lawyers are well trained in the day to day matters in running a practice and in managing and arguing a case. I was accepted to the 6 month day school course at LEAD.

It allows 6 months intensive training, as a substitute, in order to take a year off of clerkship under the requirements to become an attorney, and also can provide experience should an individual desire to be admitted to pupillage to become an advocate, and this course also qualifies a person to write the Law Society board exams after completing it.
Activities and Societies: Labour Law