Legal Education and Development (L.E.A.D.) School for Legal Practice: Johannesburg

Legal Education and Development (L.E.A.D.) School for Legal Practice of the Law Society of South Africa, Practice Management Training (PMT), Passed, 2018

The course was set up by Law Society of South Africa, to make sure that the senior management of law firms had a good understanding of business, regulatory compliance, accountancy, human resources, technology, risk, business management and strategies. It consisted of attendance, testing, and assignments. The assignments were for: Law Business Finance (budgets, cash flow, accountancy), Risk Management and Insurance (business risk analysis, development of internal compliance controls, fraud avoidance, investment conduct compliance) and (a detailed) Business Plan Portfolio (including description, vision, SWOT, benchmarking, goals, scenarios, guide and Gantt chart, financials, plans, marketing, smaller contingent plans, and execution of tasks).

The modules of study were: General Introduction to Management, Risk Management and Insurance, Law Business Finance, Systems and Technology, Practice Administration, Marketing of Legal Services, Human Resources Management, and Strategic Management.

Legal Education and Development (L.E.A.D.) School for Legal Practice of the Law Society of South Africa, Practical Legal Training (PLT), Passed with Distinction, 2014

Half-year, full-time statutory trade course set up to ensure lawyers are well trained in the everyday matters of running a firm, applying the law in practice, and in managing, and arguing, a case. I also wrote a National Litigation Examination with a few other select subject specific top scoring students. Articles I wrote were included in the Johannesburg school’s official end of semester newsletter. Course Subjects: Effective Research, Criminal Court Practice, Constitutional Court Practice, Legal Writing, High Court Practice, Magistrate's Court Practice, Legal Costs, Matrimonial Matters & Divorce, Personal Injury Claims, Insolvency Procedures, Wills and Estates and Trusts, Forms of Business Enterprise, Commercial Contracts, Commercial Litigation, Labour Dispute Resolution, Attorney’s Bookkeeping, Introduction to Practice Management, and Professional Conduct (Ethics).