My Areas of Practice

I am no longer practising as an attorney or notary in South Africa, and have closed my firm due to emigration.

Marc Evan Aupiais Attorney (firm), 2017 - 2020

I formerly (while working at this firm) accepted briefs to advise, to assist, to represent, to draw up and draft documents, and to litigate, including for matters involving:

Contract, corporate, company, sale, lease, labour, consumer, and small and medium business enterprise and entrepreneurial law, including for representation, drafting, compliance, general advice, assistance, and litigation; and interpretation, validity and litigation in intestate succession and in relation to last wills and testaments; and status, citizenship, and persons law; as well as in relation to those other matters which are customarily taken by general practitioners of the law.

As a notary public, I additionally drafted, notarised, and registered Ante-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Contracts (ANCs), and Contracts, and advised clients on South Africa's matrimonial regimes. I also took briefs to verify and apostille documents for foreign jurisdictions.

Serina Govender Inc, 2016-2017

My assigned areas of legal practice at Serina Govender Inc. were:

Contracts, Contract Law and Corporate Matters (Unfair Competition Matters; Advice & Litigation re: Winding Up of Companies; Advice & Litigation re: Insolvency Law; Contracts; Sale; Services; Employment related; Tax and Tax Registration Matters; Advice; Law Pertaining to Directors; Restraints of Trade; General advice in this area of law); Family and Persons’ Law (Divorce; Access; Custody; Adoption; Maintenance; Curatorship Matters and Applications; Matters involving prodigals and patient mental incapacity; Trusts and Trust Matters; Paternity Disputes; Domestic Violence Matters; Domestic Violence Protection Orders; Protection from Harassment Matters); Third Party Claims (Motor Vehicle Accident Claims; Road Accident Fund (RAF) Matters; Insurance Matters); Litigious Matters and Representation at Court (Drafting of Pleadings, Motions, and Notices; Civil Litigation; Magistrates' Court Matters; High Court Matters; Labour Matters; Law of Evidence; Military Law Matters; Theft; Fraud; Absence Without Leave (AWOL); Unauthorised Driving of a Vehicle; Disobeying Lawful Commands; Etc.); Criminal law matters (Bail Applications; Representation of Accused Persons at Court); Appeals; Reviews; Delictual Matters, Interdicts, Mandates etc (Media Law; Social Media Law; Defamation Matters; Medical Negligence; Neighbour Law and the Law of Nuisance; Promotion of Administrative Justice Matters (Administrative Law); Access to information matters); Elder Law (Advice & Litigation re: Wills; Advice & Litigation re: Administration of Deceased Estates; Pension Law Matters; Benefits law); Labour Matters (CCMA; Employment Law; Employment Contracts; Misconduct and Incapacity Law Matters; Termination of Employment; Dismissals; Retrenchment; Dismissals due to incapacity; Dismissals due to misconduct; Unfair Dismissals; Retirement); Property Matters (Property Transfers; Evictions; Landlord, Tenant, Lease and Letting matters); and all other matters dealt with by a general practice law firm.

Botha & Sutherland Attorneys, 2016-2016

At Botha & Sutherland Attorneys, I dealt with matters in the following areas:

• Magistrates' Court litigation,

• Regional Court Litigation,

• Subrogation,

• Insurance Law,

• Unlawful Arrest,

• Civil Litigation,

• Law of Evidence.

Desmond Barry Attorneys, 2015 - 2016

At Desmond Barry Attorneys, I dealt with matters in the following areas:

• Pensions Law,

• Benefits Law,

• Provident Funds Law,

• Labour Law,

• Insurance Law,

• The Law of Estoppel,

• The Turquand Rule,

• Civil Suits,

• Contracts and Contract Law,

• High Court litigation,

• Civil Process and Procedure,

• Business law,

• Companies Law.

DL Wilson Attorneys, 2014 - 2015

At DL Wilson Attorney, I dealt with matters in the following areas:

• Business Law,

• Contracts and Contract Law,

• Family Law,

• Labour Law,

• Criminal Law,

• Debt Collection,

• Civil Suits,

• Domestic Violence,

• Custody and Care,

• Maintenance,

• Law of Landlord, Lease, Tenant and Evictions,

• Law of Property,

• Winding Up of Companies,

• Companies Law,

• Curatorship Applications due to Patient Incapacity or Insanity,

• Wills, Trusts, and Estates Law.

University of the Witwatersrand Law Clinic, 2013, 2014

At the University of the Witwatersrand Law Clinic, I dealt with matters in the following areas:

• Divorce,

• Custody and Adoption Matters,

• Customary Law Marriages,

• Breach of Promise,

• Universal Partnerships,

• Paternity Litigation,

• Contract Law,

• Law of Landlord and Tenant,