English Language Skills

I am passionate about language, including my first language of English, which is at an advanced/university level. I also quite enjoy research, which has led to me reading and writing a lot over the years. My love of gaining different perspectives on news led to me often rewording snippets of French news and opinions into English and posting these online, correctly attributed, which saw France’s Les News notice me, and appoint me as a breaking news correspondent. I believe reading widely makes me inclined to debate ideas and to hearing other views.

In my student days, it was noted that I had an ability for oration; I credit this ability to speak with the many leadership positions I have been elected to during university and after it. I am an able speaker, and capable of holding my own in most debates. I often had lengthy discussions before various judicial officers during my legal career while I was still practising as an attorney, to convince them my side was right on the law or some fact or other. They tended to permit what I asked.